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Gorgeous girls and ravenous robots

Welcome! I'm Kelsey. I'm just a girl who has a wide variety of hobbies and interests.

If you wanna know more, or get in contact with me send me an ask or check out my about me page. Please check my FAQ before asking a question.
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Woo, I’m so sleepy. Off to bed. Night~

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When you’re almost dead in a game but somehow you managed to survive until the next level


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 I was thinking about streaming some games but only if I get a positive feedback from my followers! I’ve gotten a few asks and I would just love to see what you guys think. Maybe even I could get someone to draw me a pretty banner for my page.

So, question for you guys, if I started streaming on Twitch would you guys be interested?

Reblogging for my other timezone friends. What do you guys think?

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the link in your about that you put on "voice actress now" links to a gif. i'm guessing it is supposed to go to the video.

Whoopsies. You’re correct. I linked it to my gif, huh.


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Pls post it you have piked my curiosity about how it went

It’s mostly me sounding super deep and then my cute high pitched giggling and it’s terrifying and Suds told me not to post it XD

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Just watched the Gumball animation by manyakis that you lent your voice to, and I just wanted to say, you sound as amazing as you look. That, and you have a fun blog. Have a nice day!

Thank you very much! Wow. ^ ^

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aegisaglow said: If you’re driving well in Saints Row you’re doing it wrong anyway

YOU understand.

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reblog this and leave compliment about the person you reblogged it from in the tags

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I JUST blocked out that memory from our Saints Row sessions too. DON'T LET HER DRIVE.

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@sudravirodhin said: She’s not even lying. Somehow she managed to get our boat on land and our car on top of a building moments before it exploded and flung us into the street below.


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Any experience in racing games like Need For Speed or Gran Turismo series? (yup something diferent to break the ice)

I am seriously shit at racing games. I can’t even drive in GTA or saints row.

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Please say Expand Dong with your lowest possible tone

I’ve been on a skype call with Suds laughing about this and I’m not sure if I should post what I’ve recorded

there are actual tears

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